October 27, 2008

Pet Checklist - 12 Points To Consider When Buying A Pet

by: Derek Rogers

When you and your family are making the decision to purchase a pet, you will want to go through a checklist in order to make sure that it is the right decision for everyone involved. It is a major life event when bringing a pet into the home and the decision should not be taken lightly.

With a set guideline or checklist ahead of time, you will ensure that you are making the correct choice and there will be no anxiety once your pet comes home to meet his new family. Nothing can be more gratifying than having a family pet grow and thrive with you and your family over the years.

1- Room: Is there space for a pet in your home? Larger animals need space for exercise each day while smaller caged animals need just a small desk or counter-top. Depending on the type of ample space you have will portray what type of pet you will be able to house.

2 – Lifestyle: Does a pet fit your lifestyle? For many busy families a pet will not fit into their schedule. You will need to be sure that there is time for a new companion in your home that may need walking each day, or just a few minutes of simple contact in order to thrive in your home.

3 – Cost: How much are you willing to spend on a pet? Are you financially able to maintain that pet if such things as vet bills become high? Determining your budget will show if you can really afford the maintenance such as yearly exams, periodic vet bills in the event of illness, etc.

4 – Regulations: Are you able to legally own a pet? Some families who rent are not able to have animals in various apartment buildings or condominiums, while some town homes and condominium associations have stipulations on what size of animal is allowed on the premises. Checking out all the necessary rules before purchasing your new family member.

5 – Pet Supplier: Will you be choosing a pet shop or local breeder for your pet? Some people decide on animals that are at local animal shelters. Be sure to do extensive checks on where your pet comes from, especially if they claim to be purebred.

6 – Traveling: Do you travel a lot? Are you able to travel with your pet or would you have to find alternative arrangements for your pet while you are gone.

7 – Veterinarians: Do you have a vet close by that you can consult in times of need? If you do not have a licensed animal care provider it may discourage you from choosing an animal that needs regular care.

8 – Activities: What type of activities do you enjoy doing as a family? Are these activities the type that you will be taking your pet with you? A pet is a member of your family and should not be left at home if you are enjoying time outside where they could be as well.

9 – Allergies: Do you know anyone with pet allergies? This can have a direct result on the type of pet you decide on if you get one at all. Some may find that it is not feasible since their mother visits each year for 2 weeks in the summer and is highly allergic to animals.

10 – Other pets: Do you have other pets that need to adapt to a new member? If so, this can be a very touchy situation when bringing in other animals into a ‘1 pet home’.

11 – Previous Pet Experience: Do you have any experience with owning a pet? If not, are you willing to do the necessary research in order to know how to take care of your pet properly?

12 – Responsibility: Is the responsibility of this new pet yours alone or will it be a shared family task? Be sure to set ground rules with everyone in the family so that it is a decision everyone is happy with.

If you are still considering a family pet even after going through this simple checklist and finding out that what you are looking for is a companion and a friend then you are ready to go out and purchase your new pet. After going through this list you will be well equipped with some basic knowledge about what you need to know when purchasing a new animal for your home.

About The Author

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For advice on buying a pet, he recommends Seapets, one of the UK's leading suppliers of http://www.seapets.co.uk/ pet supplies.

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